What’s That Supposed To Be?

Young Attorney in my firm has started a company on the side that is involved in real estate investing. He came to me last week and showed me three logos that he had made up and asked my opinion on them. I told him I hated all of them. *lol* Believe it or not, despite my candor, he appreciated the feedback. I have since told him to see if he can get help online and then also recommended VistaPrint to have business cards made and other type of promotional material he and his partner will need. I told him I’ve been using VistaPrint for a while now and have only had good results from their service.

I showed him the place my mom used to have her logo created, as well as a few other places that had good design work. Even VistaPrint has some generic logos that could be used for companies. But since he wants a truly individual logo, I told him the best bet would be to have a designer come up with the logo and then go to VistaPrint for printing.

So I’ll be curious to see what he ends up with as a logo. It can’t be any worse than the three he showed me last week!

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