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Okay, so tomorrow’s MegaMillions is now up to $205M – a cool $92.25M for a NJ winner. I bought $5 in tickets, Denis bought $10 and then chipped in $1 for his office pool. So we have a total of $16 involved for this jackpot. Time to take it seriously, folks. *lol*

-$9,225,000 to our church
-$9,225,000 to various charities
-$6,000,000 for trust funds for the kiddies
-$2,000,000 for college tuition for kiddies
-$3,800,000 to family/friends
-$2,000,000 for NYC luxury apartment
-$1,000,000 for LOTS of land in SC and a dream home custom built
-$1,000,000 for “frivolous fun” – shopping, trips around the world, cars, etc.
$58,000,000 left over.

Isn’t that insane? To be able to give over $18M to church and charities, another $3.8M to friends and family, $8M to our kids for college and trust fund, $3M for real estate and $1M for just plain FUN and still have so much money left that it’s almost unfathomable.

We were talking with Ace tonight about how great it would be just to win $1M (that’s AFTER taxes – taking home $1M after all taxes and such are taken out). Denis and I would be able to stretch that out for a LOT of years if we took home that kind of prize someday. Neither of us would have to work again if we did it right. And Denis is so good with money that he’d definitely do it right.

In other news, we “won” the Uncle Sam lottery and got our federal tax return back today. Don’t know what it’s going towards – it’ll probably sit in savings for a while until we figure out where it will be most useful. But it’s nice to have a bit of breathing room again in our savings account.

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  1. You could boost the numbers in the family/friends category. 😉

    Happy that you got your check from Uncle. See ya tomorrow!

  2. Well, that would be to start since we’d be giving it in increments of $10K per person (so that the receiver doesn’t get taxed on the gift). Ace asked if he’d be getting multiple gifts over the years and the answer was pretty much “Yes” – so don’t worry, over the long run you’ll be amply taken care of. =)

  3. That tax money is going to pay our mortgage and grocery bills and phone bills, and tivo bills. There is no extra money from that tax refund to do anything with. Just wanted to set the record straight. I’m good with handling money, but I’m not good with handling money we don’t have.

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