What The Heck is a Constitution Party?

Does everyone dress up like their favorite Federalist and party like it’s 1787?

On Friday afternoon I had a lot of fun taking various “what political party do I align with” polls. And sure enough, in every single one I come out as a Libertarian. I just might change my affiliation officially.

I did the world’s smallest politic quiz and came out 90% Libertarian on personal issues, and 100% Libertarian on economic issues. My 10% personal issue swung one tick to the conservative side:

Then I did this quiz which had a few more questions, and came out as a “moderate” on that one (that one doesn’t differentiate by PARTY so much as “conservative-moderate-liberal.”

But the one that had me scratching my head was this quiz who claimed I as 93% for the Constitution Party.


Has anyone heard of that party? Because I haven’t.

Here was my full list:
1) Constitution Party 93%
2) Libertarian Party 80%
3) Republican Party 60%
4) Reform Party 47%
5) Democratic Party 33%
6) Natural Law Party 20%
7) Green Party 20%

Now, obviously the Constitution Party believes that the Constitution should be upheld in it’s original tone, belief and presentation. However, when the CP lists out their seven principles based the Constitution, I have some quibbles with a couple of their statements. However, when I read their platforms I have to say that I DO agree with 93% of them (to be specific, I disagree with FOUR of the platforms listed on that page).

Denis is right, you know. It really IS a pity that the Electoral College is still in practice and that a person’s individual vote cannot be truly counted. Otherwise these 2nd tier parties would be on equal footing and the people in this nation really WOULD feel like their vote truly counts. As Denis said, his vote for Obama here in SC is a wasted vote – this is McCain country. And my McCain vote in NJ would be a waste because that is overwhelmingly Obama country. And yet, given the choice, I don’t think Denis or I would actually WANT to vote for Obama or McCain – I know I’d much prefer to vote for someone – AND FEEL MY VOTE COUNTS – for the person with whom I agree 93% of the time (although in this case it looks like the Constitution Party currently only has candidates on LOCAL ballots (for state issues) rather than any National candidate so I’d most likely vote for Ron Paul who is as close to Libertarian as is available this election).

Feel free to take the polls and let me know in the comments what results YOU end up with.

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  1. It’s a miracle. Jaynee agrees with me on a political issue? Amazing! Now how do we get rid of the electoral college. Will any Democrat or Republican fight for that? I’m sure not. We need a good revolution. Beau, get the shotguns.

  2. I too Scored Libertarian.. but a bit more right than you.

    I don’t feel as though (in my opinion) that test is accurate. I think it should ask way more questions.

    Livin’ in a Blue State! Guh!

  3. I thought the basic dichotomy was liberal vs. conservative, with which I generally aligned myself with the latter. Not so fast. There is neoconservatism, liberal conservatism [sic], libertarian conservatism, social conservatism, a few others, and this:

    “Paleoconservatism (sometimes shortened to paleo or paleocon when the context is clear) is a term for an anti-communist and anti-authoritarian[1] right-wing movement in the United States that stresses tradition, civil society and classical federalism, along with familial, religious, regional, national and Western identity”

    Which is what I am (mostly). Imagine that.

  4. Jeff did some work for the Constitution party candidate in 2004. A handful of people I know voted that way, but I felt like what you said was true, that my vote wouldn’t really count that way. I guess you vote for the principle of it at this point. Who knows, they may be in the grass roots stage of something big.

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