What Does It Mean?

I’ve been meaning to ask…but what does it mean when you are driving 60 miles an hour in your 10-yr-old truck and the RPM suddenly shoots up and the engine revs as though it was in neutral and you were pressing the gas?

That happened to me about six times the other morning when I was driving home from an appointment. It was a 30 minute drive and it happened a half dozen times…

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  1. Yeah, it does, but hopefully Dad will way in. You were able to slow it down with the brakes, I hope. Needs to be checked for sure.

  2. Marmie – yes, brakes worked fine.

    Bob – I hope it’s not the transmission. By no means can we afford that kind of fix.

  3. It’s the transmission. Get the fluid checked immediately. If it’s old (brown) and low, you may be able to flush/replace it, but if the transmission bands are slipping, you’re in for an expensive repair. Sorry.:weeping:

  4. My car did that when it was overheating. Check the radiator fluids just to be sure. If that’s not it, then my guess is fuel line clogged/fuel injection problem or transmission problem. I’ve had many evil cars that did things so strange that I wasn’t sure if I needed a mechanic or a priest. :biggrin:

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