What Do You Do, Hot Shot?

What do you do when your boss tells you he has two NCAA Regional game tickets for this Friday in Washington DC if you feel like taking the afternoon off from work, and you can’t find your father to see if he wants to go? I actually asked my sister and she said that she doesn’t think her pregnant self can handle the smells and action of the game. So I put in a call to my father’s cellphone, which is TURNED OFF. I called my mother to find out where he is and SHE’S NOT HOME. Mr. Russell has given me until 5 p.m. to find someone to go with me or else I have to give them to another executive in the company to give to some lawyer down in DC who would NOT enjoy the game as much as I would. Especially since George Mason Univ. is playing and my parents live, like, TEN MINUTES from the campus.

My father has one hour and 12 minutes to call me back, or else I lose these tickets… If you see him, TELL HIM TO CALL ME ASAP!

Update at 4:13 p.m.: My dad says he’s all over it, so I’M GOING TO A GAME!!! This is AWESOME.

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  1. I just got home and am trying to reach Dad. We have cell phone issues right now. I’ll have him call you. 😉

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