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So Clay made it to the Final Two on AI2. I’m shocked, really. But maybe I’m not. I mean, Kimberly Locke never had a large enough fan base to really sustain her, whereas Clay’s fans are fanatical (as seen by the NUMEROUS comments here at Cootiehog). I mean, his fans are more fanatical than those that yelled at me about JD Adams at the beginning of AI2.

But I want to talk about ABC’s Extreme Makeover right now. I just watched an episode in which a 53-year-old woman had a makeover and all I can say is WOW. The transformation was unbelieveable. Sadly, the website hasn’t been updated with her bio yet, but the link I’ve provided shows other makeovers they’ve done. By far the widowed grandmother they did tonight is the most profound. Before the makeover she was not attractive at ALL. She had bad teeth, looked old, and I had little hope for her. But when she revealed her finished self to her family, even I thought, “Wow, she’s hot!” You just know her adult sons are all paranoid that she’s gonna go all wild and stuff. The makeover easily took 20+ years off her appearance. Hopefully they’ll post her full profile at the website soon so you can see for yourself.

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  1. i agree. i caught a couple of the extreme makeover episodes. amazing transformations. an interesting segment in the show is the ‘follow-ups’ on folks that appeared in earlier episodes showing how their lives have changed after the surgeries. a few women seemed to be ‘overdoing’ it now that they’ve become decent looking. it appeared that they unfortunately became more vain and totally self-centered. One woman last night admitted to losing a few friends. i suspect it was because her friends couldn’t take any more of her being so full of herself. overcompensating for the years of being ashamed of herself, i guess. 🙁

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