What Are YOU Gonna Be?

It’s almost that time of year – time to figure out what the kids will be for Halloween. Last year CootieGirl was Tinkerbell (and wore her wings upside down), and CootieBoy was a fireman. I have a good idea of what CB will be this year (can we just say it rhymes with Mindiana phones?). No idea what CG will pick out this year. Probably a princess of some kind, though.

While surfing the web looking at halloween costumes I saw this blog about costumes that talked about Trunk-or-Treating, which I’ve never done before. Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween though – people set up BBQs in their driveway, or have huge scary displays like smoking cauldrons in their front yards. People drive from miles around specifically to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.

Because of that I always see some interesting Children’s Costumes – some good, some bad. Last year someone dressed up as such an obscure 1980s movie character that I told him he won the prize for the night (I’ll have to go see if I wrote about him).

Someone on my mommies forum mentioned doing a costume swap wherein all the mommies put up their kids’ costumes from last year and let younger kids take them, and in turn take the hand-me-downs from the mom’s whose kids are slightly older. It’s genius, but sadly I won’t be able to participate since I know CB wants to be Indiana Jones.

So I think I’ll be taking advantage of a coupon code I found for Halloween Adventure, a website that has an AWESOME Indiana Jones costume for only $35. The code (you can use it too) is “PPP05BLOG2008” and will give me 5% off my order through October 10th. Sweet!

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