What a World, What a World – A Roundup

1) I have another “Jason, Jason, Jason” moment – when Jason didn’t use his immunity idol last night to save himself from being voted off “Survivor.” What a donut. And in watching the Ponderosa footage at CBS (Ponderosa being the location where the jury stays post-eviction) Ozzy and Eliza couldn’t believe that Jason took it to tribal and didn’t play it (whereas Ozzy did NOT take it to tribal and COULDN’T have played it). What is it with the Jasons on reality tv this season? NOT DOING WELL. Wasn’t there an idiot named Jason on “Big Brother 9” this season too? I didn’t watch this season but I seem to recall reading on my reality tv blog that one of the housemates (possibly named Jason) was saying some AWFUL stuff in the house.

2) Work has been busy today – a good Friday, in other words. Tonight I’ll be leaving a bit early to go pick up the kids from school so that Denis can have a night out with some workmates. Remind me to tell Mr. BIL that I’m leaving early for that.

3) CootieGirl’s “birthday party” ended up going nicely. It wasn’t a party actually – just us. She ripped through her presents like nobody’s business and upon seeing each one would exclaim “This is just what I wanted!” even though she didn’t ask for any specific gift for her birthday. She got a Barbie house, a new Barbie (great.), a new game for the video bike, a High School Musical singing microphone, a computer spelling game, a princess dress and necklace (which she put on immediately), and some clothes. Today she took the Barbie to school for show and tell and wore her necklace. She’s in heaven.

4) CootieBoy was VERY VERY upset that he didn’t get anything. When I got home from work he met me at the front door just sobbing because he wanted it to be his birthday too. But I explained to him that it was CG’s birthday so she was getting presents and that on HIS birthday HE’D be the one to get presents. I then distracted him by asking him about the balloon that CG let him carry (a cupcake that said, “Happy Birthday.” Then when CG began opening presents he helped. And he LOVED the chocolate cake.

5) LOVED “The Office” last night. Mindy Kaling is a great writer and I always like her episodes. The stuff with Ryan was classic. In the club scene at some point I turned to Denis and said, “He’s tweaking!” and sure enough – a few seconds later the whole finger-tapping “gotta go to the bathroom” stuff started. Hilarious. Ryan is such a putz. “30 Rock” was also very funny last night although I enjoyed the Jack/Liz stuff much more than the Tracy Jordan video game stuff. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are just perfect foils for each other.

6) I am now within 3 pounds of reaching my first 30 pound goal. I predict I’ll reach that goal by May 7. I’m naming it and claiming it! Then I’ll have two more weeks before vaca to see how much more I can lose. Wouldn’t it rock if I leave for Disney having lost 35 pounds? WOO HOO!!!

7) I had music practice with the new church band leader. I was dreading it but ended up enjoying it. The new leader is a nice kid (I’ll always call him a kid) and was very open to suggestions from the other musicians. I liked that. Still don’t know if I’ll remain on the team – I may take a sabbatical through the summer and start up again in the fall. We’ll see.

8) Okay, I’m off to lunch. Today I brought in wheat bread, some salmon spread and a small bag of Utz chips. Lookin’ forward to it.


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  1. What sabbatical? If you take off from the band for the summer, you’re joining the kids ministry with me. We are still one person down and they are looking for a partner for me. Ta da.

  2. When I glanced at your website last night at first I thought you WERE talking about Jason from survivor because I didn’t see the American Idol part. Then I read the post and realized it was survivor Jason. I thought it was funny that there were TWO Jason Jason Jason moments.

    But seriously. I felt so bad for Survivor Jason. He was so trusting.

  3. ok my post didn’t make much sense because i wrote survivor Jason in a part where i meant AI jason.

    I fear this second one won’t help much though. my writing style is too confusing for this.

    oh well, hope all is good in cootieland this weekend

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