What a Weekend

Well, the Blogathon was a raging success and I had a blast. After 24 hours my generous sponsors coughed up $225 in donations, which is FABULOUS! I got more pledges during the night which really encouraged me to keep going.

Yesterday I went to bed at 9 a.m. and slept for six hours. Then I got up and Denis and I met Ace and Anthony for a dinner to celebrate Anthony’s birthday. It was delish, and CootieGirl slept the entire time we were at the restaurant (have I mentioned lately what a great and well-behaved child she is?).

Then when we got home we promptly turned on the Trio Network and watch several episodes of “Battle of the Network Stars”, which rocked. I loved that show when I was a kid and I seriously think they need to bring it back.

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What a Weekend!

Well, it’s Tuesday morning and we have about 20-22 inches of snow on the ground here where we live. I was supposed to go to Virginia for a baby shower this weekend but by Friday morning we all decided it was best that I stay here rather than get stuck in VA. So no shower. But that’s okay because I was finally able to tackle the stenciling project that I’ve been postponing – I’ll get a picture of it online soon. I also want to take some pics of our backyard buried in snow – it’s just amazing to look at.

Poor Denis shoveled two or three times yesterday to stay ahead of the snow, and then late in the evening the plows came along and dumped a few feet of snow right in front of his hard work at the end of the driveway.

I’ve opted not to go into the office today because we couldn’t drive to the park/ride bus stop, and there’s no way I’m walking the one mile to the closer bus stop with all this snow – sure, some folks have shoveled their sidewalks, but not everyone. So I’m sitting tight for today, and hopefully by tomorrow we’ll be able to get out and drive to park/ride.

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  1. Wow, you posted early in the morning for a day you didn’t have to go to work. 😉

    You should see the snow here. I wish I had a camera. It’s ridiculous. Or to quote Kirby, “It’s madness!”

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What a Weekend!

Sorry it’s so late in the day for a post – my workday has been very busy today. We’re trying to get out the invites to our company holiday party and it’s taken all morning for me to get through my allotment of invites. But I’m here now, and ready to post about my weekend!

Suffice to say, it was a blast going to my college for homecoming this past weekend. While none of my friends showed up, I was able to get together for dinner with my pal Mary G. on Friday. She was adorable as always and we ate at a fabulous all-you-can-eat place that only charged $8. Jen and I couldn’t believe how friggin’ cheap it was. I ate TONS of food and managed not to get sick – a nice bonus when you never know how your stomach is going to react to several helpings of food.

On Saturday Jen and I made our trek to QuikSnak for lunch – the waitress, Cindy, who has been an employee at QuikSnak for as long as I can remember, recognized me and asked me how I was doing. She asked about Kirby and we told her that he was on a “business trip” and unable to come this year. I had my JBC with chili and slaw (Jumbo Basket Cheeseburger) and a chocolate shake. It was DELISH. We saw a few GWU alumni there, including a guy we called ‘Flounder’ back in the day. He was a really cool guy and has done well post-college.

Then we headed to the game, where we saw a handful of alumni – not many showed up after the shenanigans of the President and his resignation. But the ones that did show up were fun to catch up with. One made a comment that we were all aging like fine wine, which was quite nice. *lol* Noel and Beth showed up at the game at some point, with their two kids. Those kids are a blog entry unto themselves, and Jen and I wanted to kidnap them and take them home. After the game we all went to a Japanese steakhouse and had some GOOD food – I couldn’t believe how much food ended up on plate and didn’t feel bad about leaving so much behind because we all did.

On Sunday we got up early and began the drive to RDU airport, where I caught a flight back home. Upon arriving home I found everything intact, and my husband at the door smiling (no, he didn’t pick me up at the airport – I took a cab home). It was a fun fun weekend and I hope that next year I’ll be able to go and take along my infant.

Coming up next: Kathryn and Thomas – the kids I want.

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