What a Weekend!

This weekend was one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long while. One reason for this is that my kids did not argue one single time. They did not talk back one single time. I didn’t have to raise my voice one single time. It was magnificent.

Now, I should be completely upfront and say that my kids had motivation to get along this weekend. That motivation was a video game that my son desperately wanted to get. I had told him a long time ago that he’d have to wait until Christmas, which he wasn’t happy to hear (he’s been waiting for the game since it’s release was announced in July).

On Saturday morning CootieBoy began whining and moaning about the fact that two of his friends already had the game. After an eternity of whining (that’s what it felt like), we reached an agreement. He had to accomplish three goals in 24 hours and I’d get him the game. The first: no fighting with your sister. The second: obey me every single time I request something, with no complaints. The third thing is one that I won’t post about here, so as not to embarrass him – but it was probably the toughest of the three for him to accomplish.

At 11 a.m. on Saturday we shook hands with the understanding that if he messed up, he was NOT allowed to say, "Give me another CCCCHHHHAAAANNNNCCCEEEE!!!!!" as he is wont to do when he gets in trouble. And so it began.

20141122_132031Y’all. Y’ALL. The rest of the weekend was fantastic! Around an hour later we headed out for the afternoon. We had a Living Social deal for a local go-karting place. The kids ran two races and had a blast. The first race there was a definitely learning curve for them to surpass – CG’s time was a steady 76 seconds a lap. CB struggled – he got stuck on the track a few times, resulting in his best lap being 94 seconds. He only did 3 laps to CG’s 5 laps. Ouch. But they had so much fun that they asked to go around again. We went and got some food from their in-house "pub" area and then I signed them up for another race. The second go-round CB drastically improved. He still got stuck a few times, but his second time out he got in six laps for a best lap time of 69 seconds! CG did slightly better, going 7 laps with a best lap time of 65 seconds. They were both really proud of themselves and have said they definitely want to go again.

The rest of the day was uneventfully quiet – the kids didn’t argue one single time. Considering their bickering is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears, it was much appreciated. Not only that, but whenever I asked them to do something – whether it was put their shoes away, or come to dinner, or go to bed – they did it without complaint and upon my first request.

Yesterday morning I had to go to church early to run production, and Denis and the kids followed behind an hour or so later. At that point, CB only had three hours left on his 24 hour challenge and had succeeded thus far with all three goals. He was so excited that the end was in sight that he could barely contain himself.

Once church was over (around 12:30 p.m.) we cheered his success (and thanked CG for helping by not instigating any potential arguments). The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity. I took the kids to Target to pick up some much needed winter clothes, and found the video game CB wanted for $3 cheaper than the other store that had it). I also let CG get a game that was NOT on her Christmas wish list.

I then took Dobby the Dog to PetSmart to pick up a new dog bed for him to replace the one that was in the TV room. It was so worn through that he was basically sleeping on the hardwood floors at that point. I also bought another pad to go in Chilly the Dog’s crate since his was past its prime. I also picked up a harness for Dobby to wear during walk time. He tends to pull on the lead which results in him choking himself – the harness will allow him to walk AND breath at the same time – a novel idea!

Once back from PetSmart I asked the kids to take showers and get cleaned up. Expecting protests since the 24 hour reprieve was over, but alas – they did exactly what I asked without complaint! Hallelujah!

The rest of the evening was spent baking a pumpkin cake to bring into work today for the new annual bake-off I do with one of the women in my old department. This year I know I’ll win because I made the frosting properly this year (I messed it up last year).

Come bedtime, I told the kids how much I appreciated their behavior this weekend. I said, "Did you notice that I didn’t have to raise my voice a single time? We all got along really well AND had a lot of fun in the process? Let’s try and continue this for longer than 24 hours. Let’s try and do this for 48 hours, then 72 hours, then 96. There’s no reason for you to stop at 36 hours and go back to old behaviors." I know I’m asking the impossible – all siblings bicker and argue. But I’m hoping that the good weekend we all had will be enough incentive for them to keep up the good work in that regard.

And not only that, but CB’s third goal that I didn’t detail? As of this morning he was still meeting that goal. So he went a full 48 hours – which is HUGE for him.

So all in all, a great weekend!

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  1. Let the record show that as of Nov 25 at 5:38 p.m. the kids are still abiding by our agreements – including CB’s third one. That’s more than three days. SO PROUD of them both.

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