What a Day!

Wow! For a Saturday this day was JAM PACKED with activity!

Woke up this morning and after chilling for a bit I took the kids over to Michael’s, the craft store, where they were doing a free kid’s craft event. It was a VERY cheesy craft – involving pipecleaners and paper, but the kids loved it. It only lasted 15 minutes (I presumed it would be more involved craft that would take an hour). As we left the store, I thought, “Let’s just go see if any movies are starting right about now,” and we drove over. Turns out “Kung Fu Panda” was starting in two minutes, so after a quick inquiry we decided we wanted to see it.

The timing was PERFECT. I bought the tickets, got the kids their popcorn, and we were sitting in our seats just as the opening credits rolled. I’ll review the movie soon, but suffice to say I really enjoyed it, and so did the kids.

After that we headed over to Best Buy, where I indulged in a bit of Wii spending. I got lectured by Denis when we got home about my birthday only being a couple weeks away, but I bit my tongue rather than remind him that he, too, made a few purchases just before HIS birthday. The kids and I quickly unwrapped the games once we got home and spend the next couple hours playing. They get as big a kick out of watching me play as I do playing, which is awesome. I’ll review the games I got in a couple days after I’ve played them a bit more.

While we were doing Michael’s, the movie and Best Buy, Denis was in Charlotte at the “Taste of Charlotte” event. He was only there a couple hours and said he wasn’t that impressed with the selection. Bummer.

Anyway, after a while the kids spent some time playing while I checked on my keyboard. It quit working at practice on Thursday night, and sure enough, it didn’t work when I hooked it up to the amp here at home. So my keyboard is busted. That sucks. I quickly began making calls to see if I could get a standby keyboard for the morning (quick answer: yes, I just found out a few minutes ago that I was able to secure one for tomorrow’s services).

Then it was off to the pool with the kids. They both wore TWO sets of floaters – their vest and the arm floaties and they LOVED IT. After a while they didn’t even want me TOUCHING them so they could swim from one side of the pool to the other. A very nice man would occasionally swim by and teach the kids how to kick or move their hands in the water to propel them forward, and the kids eagerly took his instruction. Hmm…I should have asked him if he’d be willing to get paid to teach them to swim this summer. Maybe if we see him again…

And now Denis and I are going to chill for a bit (he plans on going to the gym tonight though). Whew! What a day!! Hope yours was as fun as ours was!

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  1. I don’t recall buying any gifts before my birthday. I know you gave me permission to buy some books, but I believe that was after my birthday. Thank you.

  2. Hey… I received your voice mail on Saturday. Shoot me a list of the Wi-Fi games you bought and I will read up on them and see if I can’t go out and purchase a couple. I think you mentioned Lego Indiana Jones.

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