We’re Sick Again

Well, we’re sick again. Denis more than me – yesterday he had nausea, fever, and a couple other things. I just have the couple other things.

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  1. From the Seinfeld episode “The Masseuse”:

    JERRY: No eight years isn’t such a long streak.

    ELAINE: It isn’t?

    JERRY: No I haven’t vomited in thirteen years.

    ELAINE: Get out!

    JERRY: Not since June 29, 1980.

    ELAINE: You remember the date?

    JERRY: Yes, because my previous vomit was also June 29th… 1972. That’s why during the ’80 vomit, I was yelling to George: “Can you believe it? I’m vomiting on June 29th again.”

    ELAINE: Boy, you know when Joel told me he hadn’t thrown up in eight years, I was wondering if he was normal.

    JERRY: Your boyfriend is a normal guy. He just happens to have the same name as one of the worst serial killers in the history of New-York.

  2. I couldn’t name the date – but there had been several years in between for me. I have a surgery induced vomit in 1992? Whichever year I had my wisdom teeth out – but that wasn’t flu.

    I did have a stomach flu in spring of 2002 that was just awful – three days of the full on fun with a few days of just general nausea.

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