We’re Off to See The Wiggles

Today is Wiggles day for CootieGirl. In a couple hours she and I will be leaving for the city. This morning we watched an episode of the show and she danced during every song.

She only got 8 hours sleep last night because she went to bed at 11 p.m. and woke up around 7:30 or so. And since we’re leaving the house at 11:45 she won’t get a nap unless she sleeps on the bus. So I hope the show entertains her enough that she doesn’t realize she’s nap-less.

And I have a feeling that when we get home she’s going to crash, and she’s going to crash HARD.

Keep an eye on the moblog to the right – I’ll be snapping pictures and sending any good ones that I manage to get throughout the event.

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