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Made it to NoVA today. We wanted to leave at 6:30 a.m. but ended up not really leaving until 8 a.m. Oh well. However, we made great time and got to my parents’ house around 2:15 p.m. or so. The drive was fine – the kids got bored after a while, despite catering to their every whim. At some point Denis and I just wanted to listen to some of OUR music, and CootieGirl was not happy about that and started crying/whining. I explained to her that she was being selfish in not allowing us to listen to anything but what SHE wanted to listen to, and she piped down after that.

CootieBoy did GREAT on the trip – we had him in underpants, and we stopped after a couple hours and he was not only dry, but quickly went into the Hardee’s bathroom and went potty. He then made it the next four hours in the car completely dry, and went potty upon arriving at my parents’ house. NOT ONLY THAT, but he didn’t have any of the OTHER kind of potty accidents either!! YAY for it finally clicking in his head that he doesn’t want messy underpants!

We basically just chilled out all afternoon, and then I took CootieGirl to Target to get some shoes for her Easter dress. She wanted some awful, glittery Hello Kitty sandals and I talked her out of them by showing her some clear jelly shoes that looked like glass slippers. Ah yes, the thrill of being like Cinderella won her over, and Hello Kitty went back on the shelf. Even better? The jellies were half the price of the HK sandals. ROCK ON.

Diet-wise, I did surprisingly well. I did eat some food on the road and ended up having 900 calories by the time we got to NoVA. But a sensible dinner resulted in me getting to 1491 calories – not too bad. And for a snack I had some kettle corn, taking me to almost 1,600 even. QUITE good.

So now we’re working on stuff for my mom’s tea business – Denis is taking pictures while I’m working on her shop stuff. When I get home I’ll be creating a couple graphics for her to use (I didn’t have time to do that before I left).

And that pretty much catches you up to Friday evening. I’m sure I’ll post again, but if YOU opt to go offline for the holiday weekend – have a happy, blessed Easter!

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