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So Thanksgiving is over and we move on to our next big event – the party next weekend. I had to work on Friday, which is the day we normally spend decorating the house, so we did most of it yesterday instead. We got the kids’ tree up, as well as the big tree. Last year we experimented and put the tree in a different place for the party and it made things difficult during the party, so we returned it to its rightful spot in the bay window again.


We also put up the miscellaneous Christmas things we’ve collected over the years and put them throughout the lower floor of the house. Denis put up the net lights on the shrubs outside our house – we’ll need to get a few more of those today though, because some went out and we have three more shrubs to cover. The awesome thing we set up yesterday is a new addition. A LIGHTED WHITE ELEPHANT! It’s awesome! We bought it at a post-Christmas sale last year and it’s perfect. We also put flashing snowflake lights around it, like it’s in the center ring at the circus.


Today we’re putting up the wreaths that go outside the front windows. At that point we’ll pretty much be done. The cats have already taken up residence under the kids’ tree, as they’ve done the past few years we’ve had that mini-tree.

All in all it’s looking pretty good and I’m happy to have that part done. It’s always daunting to have your entire living room taken over by boxes and not know where to start!

Update: Just like that, the wreaths are up! Denis and I figured out a way to put them up from inside the bedrooms rather than having to pull out a ladder and climb up from the outside. WOO HOO!!! So all that’s left is to get 3 more net lights and we’ll be DONE DONE DONE!

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  1. I can’t believe nobody commented on this, but I just LOVE the white elephant decoration, I can safely say I’ve never seen anything like that. Ever.

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