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I got an awesome call today. It was from the HR Rep at the company for which I interviewed last week. They want me to come back for a second interview. This is awesome for a couple of reasons.

First, when I interviewed last Wednesday she told me that they were interviewing dozens of people. Now, there’s no way she interviewed even a dozen people after I was in. She told me at the end of my interview that I was the only one of the day and she was going to be buried in paperwork the remainder of the day. And there’s no way that she’d interview six people on Thursday and another six on Friday.

What do I take from that? She shortened her list after I interviewed. Maybe she saw one person on Thursday, and another on Friday. And realized that I’m the better candidate. Maybe she decided to save herself some time and just shortlist the people she had already met with in the 9-10 days prior to the interview with me.

Also, this morning I emailed her a second thank you email. This one volunteered to come in again to meet with the gentleman who was out last week and unable to meet with me. In that same email I dropped one of the ideas I had over the weekend about something they could do in her department. It’s probably something they already do, but at least it shows her that I’m interested, and that I spent time over the weekend already thinking about how to improve their processes. I also reiterated to her that I am very excited about the position and feel my skills and my personality are a great fit.

Thirdly, today I emailed with our neighbor that lives behind us. Her husband is an executive at this company, and it turns out he has worked with the boss of the person with whom I interviewed. Talk about a great connection! She told me that he’s going to put in a good word for me (if he hasn’t already).

So my second interview is on Thursday morning. I’m very excited about it, and will spend the next couple days thoughtfully planning my answers to tough questions, and also coming up with a couple more great ideas to pass along should they ask. I’m very hopeful about this interview and very happy that I got the call back sooner rather than later. I would have been positively despondent if two weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything!

Thursday is a busy day – the interview, a bit of work, CootieGirl’s teacher conference, and then I drive to Virginia that evening. But it’ll be a GREAT day!!!!!

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