Well Sure I Would

So I just got this email from Kathy Griffin. She’s auctioning off a night with her this Saturday night in Vegas. Up for grabs is a Kelly Clarkson concert ticket, a possible backstage meet/greet and then dinner – all in the company of Kathy Griffin and her Gays (her two best pals). All proceeds from the auction go directly to the American Red Cross to help Katrina victims. Winner pays for airfare and hotel while in Vegas, but who cares? You get to hang with one of the most hilarious comedians ever!

If I didn’t have a husband, two kids, a mortgage and lots of debt I would do this in a heartbeat. Or at least try to. Right now bidding is up to $760 for what is sure to be a fun night. I’m sure it’ll go for a couple thousand bucks by the time the bidding ends. How I’D LOVE to bid on it!!

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