Well Isn’t THAT a Pretty Picture?

As of this morning, Denis is in the lead in my office pool for the NCAA Tourney. Thanks to the Kansas win over Duke, he moved into first place. I am secure in the 2nd place spot. My company thinks the fix is in, however, that’s not the case – there are still 4-5 other folks who could easily overtake us in tonight’s games, as well as the Elite 8 round. But it would be nice if Denis and I could maintain spots 1 and 2 through to the next round – it would almost guarantee we’d get the prize money at the end.



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  1. Would you believe that I haven’t watched a single game? I don’t even know who’s still in (except for Kansas and Kentucky, based on what you said here).

    However, I do know that Opening Day is next week…Go Sox (as in Red)! Go Os! Beat Yankees!!!

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