Well, I Lost. Again.

Yesterday our poker brunch went very well – we ended up with 8 people in attendance, five being willing to plunk down $30 to play poker. One of my co-workers showed up with her boyfriend, who apparently loves playing poker. However, we play much differently than you see on tv (no big blinds, no official “button”, and we randomly raise antes and minimum bets in order to speed up the game), which might have thrown off his game.

We were all pretty evenly matched – for a good two hours of play we all had almost an equal amount of chips. Then I began raising the antes and bids just to get some movement and eventually Denis was the first to go out. So I raised antes and bids again and I soon went out. There were three left, and I just kept raising antes and bids every other hand. I know my co-worker’s boyfriend was getting frustrated because he was trying get back in it (he had a decent amount of chips but was still considered the short stack at the table), but after almost four hours play I think everyone else was just waiting for it to end.

Justin (the boyfriend) quickly went out and then we let Anthony go all-in and Harold took his money to be the winner of the day. A cool $150 went in his pocket, which he was quite thrilled about. :cheer:

As for food, we had the perfect amount – very little byway of leftovers, which is nice. And the kids were very well behaved even though they never got around to actually taking a nap. We tried to put them down for naps and they decided playing was a better alternative, so for a good ninety minutes CootieGirl entertained CootieBoy while he was in his crib and she playing on the floor. We brought them down as the game was nearing and end, but then CootieBoy ended up going to bed around 6:30 p.m. and CootieGirl followed soon after.

And so did we – Denis went up to bed around 8:45 p.m. and I managed to stay up another half hour before I went upstairs and crashed HARD.

Fun day! :w00t:

Our next event won’t be until mid-December when we throw our annual White Elephant party. I know that several of our regulars are not coming this year (due to being on a honeymoon, moving away from NJ/NY, or final weeks of wedding planning), so I need to supplement the list with some new people this year. We also need to trim the list to take off the folks that have not attended in the past three years. That is our general rule – if you don’t come for three years, you are off the list permanently.

This year it’s the final year for a lot of our invitees – if they say “no” again then next year I won’t even ask. If you are reading this and haven’t been in three years, you know who you are. :wave: And if you haven’t received your first email from me, then you know that you’ve been taken off the list. Harsh? Some might say, but you gotta do what you gotta do… :confused: If you want back on the list, let me know and I’ll send the first email along to you. But it means you HAVE TO COME this year.

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