Welcome Home to Us!

We just got back from our holiday visit with my parents. We left on Tuesday morning and it was a great week off from work – much needed!! The time spent with my family was fun – we did lots of stuff and packed a lot in to a five days.

Among the highlights:

1) We saw “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”, which had much more Legolas, and therefore rocked.

2) We got to see family members that I haven’t seen in years.

3) We got to have some quality time with The Parkers, whom we haven’t seen since our trip to New Orleans.

4) I finally was able to finish the book I had been wanting to read.

5) I got to SHOP SHOP SHOP for books, movies and music that I have been wanting for almost a year – I got some gift certs from my bosses before I left and treated myself to some GREAT gifts, courtesy of them.

6) I got to see John Austin for the first time in almost 15 years and was able to finally meet his wonderful wife whose CD I keep listening to.

7) Our digital video camera was delivered on Christmas Eve and we shot tons of footage of our trip.

8) We filled out our baby registry with stuff that I never knew I needed that Mom was more than willing to inform me about.

I’ll definitely give more details when I can, but for now – sorry for no updates. We didn’t have the access info to do updates on my dad’s computer, and his machine is so piled up with firewalls that I fear I wouldn’t have been able to log-in even if I had remembered the address I needed to go to.

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  1. J & D-Man !!

    Missed you both – Glad to hear that all went well in VA – J, office is literally dead – I have left at 2pm every day and went shopping from 9:30amd to 1:45pm *lol* !!

    Nothing new to report, although I do not know what on earthly heavens I am going to do when you go on maternity leave – Sully gets back from Florida today also & Annie from Ireland flys into Kennedy tomorrow evening – Sully insists that he is going to rent a powder-blue tuxedo for the New Year’s Eve bash …… does that mean I am to dress as Baby from “Dirty Dancing” ?!!!!!

    Hurry back to the office Missy !!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a great holiday away from work and with your family. And no need to feel bad about not posting.

    That you were able to busy yourself with other, more important things makes you a better woman than I.

    If I were a woman, that is. Now this makes no sense. In any case, you are clearly better. So there.

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