Weird “Splinter”

I was walking to buy a gyro during lunchtime today and I felt what I thought was a splinter in the bottom of my big toe on my right foot. I took my shoe off, but not my sock, in the street and tried to knock out whatever might be in my shoe. When I finally got back to my office, I removed my sock and didn’t see any splinter, but I did see a cat hair sticking to the bottom of my toe. I tried to wipe it off, but it wouldn’t budge. Then I plucked it out of my toe. It was stuck in my toe like a wooden splinter. I am slightly alergic to cats, and I wonder if this is why my toe was really hurting like I had the worst splinter ever. Weird. But I’m better now.

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  1. It wasn’t in my foot more than an eighth of an inch. It was a cat hair, nothing more. Not that disgusting. My question is how does a cat hair pierce your skin?

  2. This has happened to me a few times and my husband does not believe me–but it feels like a needle in the foot 🙂

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