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I love how people take my opinion so seriously to the point of attempting to insult me (P. Lar’s comment). *lol* Who knew I was that powerful that “no thanks to [me]” JD Adams might make it through. I suppose my entire post from yesterday about JD Adams was not even read.

Anyway, I really enjoyed AI2 last night – there were four standout performances: Kimberly Caldwell, Julie DeMato, Charles Grigsby, and *gasp* JD Adams. I felt bad for Bettis who totally destroyed his chances by singing an awful song as well as awful clothes. He could have easily gone to the next round if he had picked a better song. The rest of the performances were lackluster, which made these four stand out even more.

As for JD Adams, he said it himself – that he needs to redeem himself in front of Simon because of how badly he did in the previous round. He said it himself, P.Lar.

It’s a pity that America loves JD so much because I was really impressed with Charles Grigsby. They didn’t focus on him at all during the previous shows, so I knew nothing about him but when he started singing I was completely enthralled. Paula said the same thing I was thinking: His voice is like velvet.

It’s a pity only two of the performers move forward, and of those I think the audience will pick Kimberly and JD (but I’m secretly hoping that they picked Charles over JD).

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  1. I wonder if America will chose JD because he is The Picture of Patriotism with a sprinkle of The American Dream… With this blasted war upon us, JD (who leans a bit too heavily on his presidential ancestry in my opinion) would have aced this round had he draped an American flag across his shoulders and simply hummed The Star Spangled Banner…

    If Charles doesn’t make it to the next round, I’m going to set a car on fire in true Sorry Loser fashion.

  2. Hey P.Lar don’t you have anything better to do but read websites about other peoples boring lives and then make silly comments defending game show contestants? I know I have nothing better to do but you seem so important!

  3. *lol* at Tara’s comment. =)

    Angie – I’m starting to HOPE AND PRAY that Charles makes it through over JD. He really was outstanding. And I fear you are right that JD’s presidential background in today’s world might be a little TOO helpful in this competition.

  4. My 2 cents:

    If JD surpasses Charles then it’s his looks more than the Presidential ancestor thing. He’s such a pretty boy…I can’t stand pretty boys. *huffy sigh*

  5. Hi, I don’t know who you are, but you are a horrible judge of talent and character! JD is a great guy first and foremost and can sing pretty well on top of that. I have known JD all of his life and I would like to set a few things straight. First of all, JD mentioned in an interview early in the audition process that he is related to John Adams and his son. It was the Fox show that made such a big deal about it, not JD. Alot of people criticize JD for this, he would just as soon not bring it up! He was asked to say something about himself or his heritage and not to mention anything about music (because EVERY applicant says they LOVE music and have been singing since they were 2 years old….). As far as his song choice went, he submitted 5 songs to the show and they only allowed two of them to be used. They have to get the original artists’ ok, and pay royalties etc. JD tried to sing a Terrance Trent Darby song but it was too difficult to cut down to 70 seconds, so he sang the Stevie Wonder song. As for his talent, he has been taking voice lessons for 5 years from one of the most prominant vocal teachers in Los Angeles. He has very great control of his gift. Its true he is not a riffer like Charles and is better at ballads that most of the other singers. His style is not horrible, it is different. That’s it. I hope you all think about how you would do in front of 40 million people and if you are brave enough to put yourself in the public eye to allow yourself to be ripped up by the public and folks who criticize him for his efforts. After all, how many songs have you all sung on national television?

  6. BigDog421, I appreciate your comments, but let me reiterate that I have NEVER said JD Adams was a bad singer. I’ve NEVER said that. I’ve said he’s a GOOD singer, and I haven’t changed my opinion on that – I do think he’s a good singer. Good enough to go to the next round over Charles? No, not quite. But he’ll definitely go in the wildcard spot along with Kimberly.

    Secondly, that solo show was NOT really live – it was taped in front of cameras, which is a bit different than truly singing in front of 40 million people. I have had the pleasure of singing live in front of groups of people – ranging from 100 people to 2000 people, and I was able to not only stay on key but remember the words as well.

    I agree that the show made the bigger deal of his heritage than he has – they keep repeating the clip of him admitting to his presidential history.

    I have never judged JD’s character, and could never do that since I don’t know him. And I can only judge his talent from what I’ve seen on tv. But I definitely think he’ll be in the top ten.

    I hope that you and others can now stop accusing me of being a hater just because I prefer someone else’s voice over his.

  7. Jaynee,

    Thanks for the comments. I appreciate your candor. Just a few thoughts. JD was on key Tuesday night and didn’t forget the words. JD did forget the words to a Barry Manilow song that he had never heard and there is no excuse for that. After all, they did give him the song at 11:30 at night and expect him to have it memorized by 8:30 in the morning. My only complaint is that the vast majority of the people in the room also forgot the words and I haven’t seen them criticized as much as JD for it. In fact, Jacob Smalley also forgot the words and he is on this week. I haven’t seen him get blasted for his lack of memory the same as JD. JD has been constantly shown on television for his face. Let’s face it, he is great looking and that sells. The show producers were always putting him in front of the camera. He was placed under more scrutiny than most (not all) of the other contestants. Anyway, thank you for you comments. I just wanted to vent a bit on the coverage which I see as somewhat negative. JD is a great kid. He has a super bright future. I only ask folks to walk in someone elses shoes before they critize them. (Not speaking about you here, you have been very fair) – I am speaking to those like the person who doesn’t like “Pretty Boys” – what should he do? Become ugly for YOU?

    Anyway, good luck with the new baby!

  8. BigDog421, ignore the pretty boy comment from my sister. She and I have a standing disagreement over what is considered attractive – I tend to go for pretty boys while she leans towards regular joes or the rugged look. I think her comment was directed more at me than JD Adams himself. =)

    To be honest, I don’t even know who Jacob Smalley is to comment on him! I only know about the folks that AI2 focus their cameras on. That’s why JD Adams gets the brunt of my commentary right now. Now that we won’t hear about JD until the wildcard round, I won’t talk about him at all. =)

    I’m just waiting for FRENCHIE DAVIS to appear – she’s my favorite and she HAD BETTER GO TOP 10!!!

  9. JD Adams has a great set of lungs. Anyone who knows him personally should be extremely proud of him! Even if he doesn’t make it into the top ten, he has just opened windows of oportunity for himself, and i will follow his career on or off of AI2.

  10. Hey. Charles Grgsby is the best and shouldn’t of got cut. He is soooooo fine and has alot of talent. He is the new Usher i say!! But you will regret cutting Chales because he was the new American Idol in my opinion but i guess the rest of you don’t know. It is all about Charles and u haven’t seen the last of him!!!!

  11. i think that it’s stupid that correy and no offence to julia that they stay and charles didn’t. i think that charles deserve to be there for a longer time. Also i know that charles will not win but he should stay longer than that because i believe that he sig better than most people there and also that some people can’t sing but is there American i hope you make your desicion carrefully becauseyou made a mistake.

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