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Well, somewhere between Saturday morning and today I gained 1/2 a pound, resulting in only a .5 pound loss for this morning’s weigh-in. I was a bit disappointed about that – but I did overindulge a bit this weekend. So the 1/2 pound works for me. That’s a total of 10.5 gone since beginning of February, and 2 1/2 pounds gone in March. Not too shabby!

Tonight after band practice I’m going to bring home one of the walking tapes I’ve been using with Synergy and see about doing it at home at least twice a week. That’ll give me four workouts per week – two at Synergy and two on my own. Hopefully that’ll kick up my metabolism a bit more.

I’ve also still been drinking tea, although not much green tea because that’s garbage. But I’m slowly coming around to regular tea – not actually liking it, but tolerating it a bit more. My mom will be upset to read this – but Denis did go out and buy some Lipton Green Tea and it has various flavors and is decent. But I did make a cup of my mom’s blue mango strawberry (or something like that) this morning at work and it was okay. And no, I’ll never admit to liking tea. But it has gotten better now that I know how to make it without it going bitter.

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