Weekend’s Over – Week Begins!

The weekend has been hectic, but fun. Denis and Cooper the Dog left for home today – they get to enjoy 5 days of quiet since the kids and I remain behind until Friday.

We have enjoyed a nice Easter weekend. Went to church last night, followed today by an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, a scrumptious dinner of lamb, more croquet (CootieGirl walked outside this afternoon and gushed, “What a wonderful day for croquet!”), and lots of lovin’ on Baby Molly.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to continue to be good, so we have plans to go to Clemyjontri, which is a huge park/playground that Jean recommended a few weeks ago. The kids are very excited about it.

As for the rest of the week, I hope to get together with a couple friends of mine that I haven’t seen in a very long time – two high school buddies. I haven’t seen either in at least two years. I also hope to fawn off the kids on Marmie for at least a partial afternoon so I can go catch a movie (got any recommendations for me?).

Marmie has plans for me – she wants to have me sew the curtains that are meant for our master bedroom. She promised they’d be done before I got here, but she changed her mind and wants ME to sew them. Blerg… I’m also going to be helping her with her business stuff – creating a couple ad banners, getting her business on Facebook, etc.

So much for a quiet vacation!!

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