Weekends Are Just Too Short

We had a fun weekend this time around. Gladball decided to come hang out in the suburbs for a couple days, so she arrived at noon on Saturday. We all hopped in the car and headed out to do some shopping. We hit Petco and spent most of our time there just petting all the dogs that were running around the place. We saw an adorable pug that was so tiny and happy to see people. Denis was in love with it.

After buying our pet supplies we drove over to MSO Furniture, where we hunted around for a coffee table to replace the cedar chest we are currently using. We saw one that we really liked in our price range but it was only 12″ high – we’re looking to have something at LEAST 18″ high. We also looked at sofas and loveseats, since our long-term goal is to replace our current non-matching pieces. We ended up finding a sectional (which I ordinarily don’t like) that was gorgeous. Made by Flexsteel (just like our recliner that we just got in December), it was comfortable, could easily seat 8 people, and also had a sleeper bed in one side. The downside: It was very expensive. However, Denis and I calculated that it would cost about the same as a sleeper sofa and loveseat combined, so it’s not like it would be TOO expensive – just a large one-time purchase. So we’ve opted to wait until next Christmas and hope that I get a bonus large enough to pay for it.

From MSO we headed over to Target for some bargain shopping. And bargains we got! As we were walking around the store I mentioned to Gladys and Denis that my intention is to buy almost all of the baby clothes we need from Target, since their prices can’t be beat. We found a 50% clearance rack and quickly bought about 10-15 outfits of various sizes for The Kid. Prices were between $1.98 and $6.99. The most expensive outfit was a Winnie The Pooh two-piece outfit that was $15. All told we spent MAYBE $40 on those outfits – talk about a bargain!

Saturday night Gladys and I settled down and watching Fellowship of the Ring while Denis made us delicious bbq pork ribs for dinner. On Sunday Gladys and I met up with Ace and Ant’ny and saw The Two Towers. It was just as good as it was the first time I saw it, with the exception of the moaner next to me. Every thirty seconds he would happily moan in response to a line of dialogue, a character’s reaction, a fight scene, a director’s establishing shot – you name it, he moaned in delight. It was VERY annoying. Poor Gladys suffered with a guy who repeatedly kicked her seat, and God bless her, she didn’t complain to him until there was about 20 minutes left in the movie, at which point she turned and yelled at him. *lol* I can’t believe she lasted that long.

After Gladys went home, I snoozed while Denis watched the Jets lose, and then I did laundry while thoroughly enjoying Alias and Boomtown. All in all – a fun weekend!

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  1. Aragorn! Aragorn! Aragorn!

    I’m glad you enjoyed TTT again. I had a hard time resisting my DVD set this weekend. I was SO tempted to watch the Fellowship of the Cast part again b/c I love the stories. But I managed it.

    Target rulz…

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