Weekend Update

Another chore-filled weekend, but we managed to pack some fun in as well. Watched a lot of movies this weekend. But even while doing that we were able to rearrange the furniture in The Kid’s room to make a space for the crib, and also cleaned out more garbage from various dressers. The purging is getting to be pretty fun – to know that I’m getting rid of crap just taking up space in the house.

We also went to Home Depot for our final meeting to discuss the cabinets we want to add to the kitchen and placed the order. They should be delivered in the next couple of weeks. Denis opted not to pay the $400 for installation and figures on doing it himself with the help of one of our neighbors. I promised to be out of the house so as not to hover and criticize. I’m not stupid.

The next house project once those are installed is to add exterior outlets to the house – a couple in back and one in front. Denis was complaining that he wished we had done this first as opposed to the kitchen cabinets, but there’s method to the madness – we won’t need the outlets until the spring arrives and the yard is in need of serious cleanup (which requires equipment that uses electricity). So we can wait until March or April to have those installed. However, we sorely need the cabinet space NOW in the kitchen, and that’s a major project that I’d prefer to get done before The Kid arrives.

Final Note: Alias rocked last night. *sigh* I love that show. One of the best on tv (after Buffy, of course).

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  1. I am in absolute agreement about Alias.

    Good luck with your remodel and I hope you are faring well in your battle with the demon banker. You don’t work for Credit Dauphine NYC, I am hoping. That would explain a lot, don’t you think?

    If so, step gingerly around the unpleasantness and ignore that tactless couple making out in the middle of it all.

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