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Sorry it’s so late in the day without a posting – it’s been surprisingly busy at work today.

Yesterday we moved around the furniture in CootieGirl/CootieBoy’s room and I’m still not satisfied with it. Tonight my goal is to clear off the top of Cooper’s crate ion the sunroom and break that down, followed by cleaning off the chair in our bedroom and moving that to the sunroom. Then tomorrow morning we can move the rocker from CootieGirl/CootieBoy’s room into our room and have just that little bit of extra space in their room.

As for painting in there, it’s gonna be rough – spackled nail holes are everywhere and I think Denis may be right that we might as well repaint the whole room a different color. I stenciled a french quote on one wall that I don’t want to paint over, so I’ll probably leave that wall peach and stencil something cute over the one spackle mark on that wall. So I need to find a paint that coordinates with the peach, while the ceiling will go cream (to match doors and trim). When will this all happen? No idea.

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  1. I like the pale green idea as well, but you have to be mindful of the carpet. Perhaps go with a darker cream, like our family room (Sienna Sand, white base) or just do the peach again ~ I like it and it works for girls and boys. You sure you can’t just cover the patched holes with the peach? I do it all the time.

  2. Marmie, the problem with painting peach is we can’t color match the peach – or at least, I don’t believe we can. My luck we’ll buy a quart of peach as a colormatch and paint the spackles and end up with slightly off-color peach dots all over the walls.

    And to be honest, I hadn’t even thought about the carpeting (which is green!)…Hmmm…must think on this a bit longer.

  3. I just realized I forgot to mention that in the post – we HAD extra peach paint but gave it to Mare-Bear a couple years ago so she could do some painting at her place. No more peach paint.

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