Weekend Plans?

Got any weekend plans?

I’ll be taking CootieBoy to gymnastics in the morning. Yes, I’m giving it another shot. He has been warned many times this week that if he behaves then he’ll get to go to a movie afterward, which he didn’t get to do last week. It is truly hit or miss as to whether he’ll behave or not. Last week I gave him 20 minutes to shape up and behave. This week he’ll get 10 minutes to shape up and we’re out.

So if he DOES behave, then after the class he and I will head out to a theater to see “Horton Hears a Who,” which CootieGirl saw with her dad last weekend.

Sunday is church and then lifegroup that evening. And Mr. BIL just asked if I wanted to work a couple hours of OT this weekend. I said yes, seeing as how our water heater needs to be replaced and all my Disney money is now going into that expense.

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