Week Three Predictions

Lots of tv talk today.

First up, my predictions on American Idol’s Week Three winners. Sure sure, LaToya was good, but in my opinion, the FIRST half of her song was beautiful, the last half of her song was basically her screaming at us. If she had stuck with the tender soulful song, I would have stood and clapped for her as well. But the three judges loved her, fawned all over her, so LaToya will most likely make it through.

As for the rest of the singers, again the males were not impressive – will Matt be the ONLY male in the final 12? That would be HILARIOUS. I think it’s a toss-up between Amy, Charly and Leah. Compared to those three, Elizabeth LaTendre doesn’t have a chance. I liked Leah’s song, but I like Amy’s spunk. The judges sure liked Charly, but I didn’t see it.

So who will go through?

Who WILL go through: LaToya and Charly with Leah in third.
Who SHOULD go through: LaToya and Leah, with Charly in third.

As for Angel – well, you remember how I thought the show would jump the shark a couple weeks ago with the Nazi sub episode? Then I thought it would jump with puppet episode last week? Well, the puppet episode ended up being HILARIOUS. And tonight’s episode is written by Joss Whedon himself, so it should be good as well.

As for My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, I loved the finale. I love Steve. Happy she got the money, considering what she went through, not only with Steve but her family (although I REALLY liked Randi’s dad).

As for The Little Groom, Denis said he felt “dirty” watching that show, but I didn’t – I loved this two-parter. He picked a little lady too, although I was surprised by WHICH little lady he picked. But that was a fun little thing to watch.

As for Joe Average: Hawaii. I felt SO bad for Fredo, but he had to know he was next to go anyway. But I’m VERY HAPPY she booted off that one pretty boy who claimed he wasn’t stupid. *tee hee* My prediction? She’ll go with Gil because I think underneath it all she IS shallow enough to go for cute looks over average looks, but Brian from Boston will put on one heck of a fight for her hand. If she picks Brian, I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

And did anyone watch Queer Eye last night? It was by far the FUNNIEST episode yet of that show. Thom had me at hello. I’ve got quite the crush on that man, and last night’s show perfectly shows you why. He’s HILARIOUS.

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  1. Queer Eye rocked!!! And, it was a special treat b/c the whole episode was full of all our neighborhood Williamsburg Bklyn haunts. What never ceases to amaze me is how everyone lives like total slobs. Who keeps newspapers from 1989 in their kitchen cupboards? SCARY.

  2. Angel:
    The Angel episode was pretty good. It wasn’t the best writing that Joss has ever done. I did record it for you, but missed the last 30 seconds for some reason. **STUPID VCR** that is why I have TiVo now!

    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy:
    Queer Eye, was fantastic on Tuesday night. I too thought Thom was hilarious. I myself would have left the apt. as soon as I walked in. They have more will power than I could ever have. That place was nasty!

    American Idol:
    I guess those 20 votes for Amy actually did pay off. I never pick up the phone to vote for anyone, but I thought she was well worth it. I am so excited that she is going to be in the final 12. As for the guys, well I haven’t seen any that have deserved to be in the final 30 much less the final 12. LaToya in my opinion was fantastic. I got chills from her song. I didn’t think she was shouting, that is how the song is sung. Again, I think she was Fantastic.

    My Big Fat…:
    Great Show, I can see how it managed to get 20 million viewers on Monday night and why they are running a two hr. episode this Thursday. However, good luck to them going against survivor. I recorded Steve on David Letterman last night but have yet to watch it. I myself would totally tune in to a show that he was on. Somebody needs to write a pilot for him. I couldn’t believe that I found myself in tears watching the finally. That is so unlike me. Unless of course I am watching “The Color Purple” then turn on the water works!

  3. Damn, I forgot to watch Angel! Thank god for bittorrent! Oh , wait, there’s no feds reading your blog, right? Um, I meant, Thank god for syndication and maybe I can watch in a few months…

  4. Actually, Aubrey, my sister works for the US Marshals, so technically a Fed DOES read my blog. =) But I think you’re safe….for now!! Duhn duhn DUNH!!!

  5. Dude, you’re still not pinging at updated! What up widdat? Very frustrating…

    AI: LaToya was shouting. I’m a singer, I know shouting. Kelly Clarkson is also a shouter.

    QEFTSG: Which one is Thom? And when is that epi repeated? I love all of those guys and I want to dance with the dancing one. (I don’t know their names.)

    Angel: Meh.

    The rest: Didn’t watch…don’t care.

  6. Where are the Survivor comments? I think I am going to start a ‘I LOATHE JERRI MANTHEY’ website.

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