Week One Over!

So today begins Day 8, which means my first week on South Beach Diet is over. Grand total lost: 6.5 pounds. Success! I’m starting to miss carbs a bit – weekends are hard for me since there are so many carbs around. At work it’s easier because I can avoid the kitchen all day, but at home with the kids I have to constantly go in the kitchen for them, and am thus reminded of just what carbs we have in there.

I’m hoping we can get to the store today so I can buy some white beans and give this one SBD recipe a try – Phase 1 Bean Brownies. Supposedly they taste pretty good and are very chocolatey. We’ll see. I’ve also read somewhere that there can be a mild aftertaste but that drinking milk after you eat a brownie will make that go away. I’m kind of reluctant but I need SOMEthing sweet around here that I can eat.

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