Wedding of the Decade? Hardly.

So am I the only one that puked all over “Trista and Ryan’s Wedding” last night? The host kept calling it the wedding of the decade – which, if true, is tragic.

Denis and I are taking odds that it’ll end within a year. For one thing, Trista loves her limelight, and her personal space-heater wants nothing more than to fade away into oblivion, fight a few fires and have kids. Methinks that when Trista puts her foot down and demands to live in L.A. that the marriage will begin heading towards that drain.

In other Bachelor news, I heard a rumor that Estella HATES Bob. Supposedly he basically told both women at the end that they were the one he was going to pick. When the ladies compared notes afterwards they realized the producers had gone to Kelly (I think that was her name) and asked her if she wanted to do the next Bachelorette. When she balked and said, “No way – I want Bob,” the producers went to Bob and said, “Go with Estella because Kelly wants to be the next Bachelorette.”

Television, man, it’s wacky.

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  1. I refused to watch that wedding. They need to go away – far, far away.

    As for the Bachelor thing – how whacked is that? And it’s Kelly Jo.

  2. I heard before it was ever shown it was NOT the wedding of the century or whatever they were touting it as. news had some article. They didn’t go into details tho.

    Only reality show I like is “Amazing Race”. I wonder when that is starting up. I love that show.

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