We Will We Will Rock You

So yesterday at church our band rocked. We did five songs (including my current favorite “Facedown” by Matt Redman). The first song was our worst, but I think part of the reason for this was that the lights weren’t on. Our lighting guy just sat there as we started performing and never turned on the lights. And no one seemed to notice that we were pretty much in the dark.

But we noticed – because it totally threw us off and it was more like we were performing the song as opposed to anyone singing it with us. About halfway through someone went over to the guy and told him to turn on the lights, which he did. At that point the song was pretty much over, and we were struggling.

A new song for us (but old in general) was “The Heart of Worship” – we start it off in a fun way – our guitarists totally get into it and I know Ryan yearns to fling his six-string over his shoulder and loop it around his back into place a la Pete Townshend.

I’m looking forward to practice tomorrow night. We’re finally at a point where we can add a new song each week – we’re up to about 15 songs now.

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