We Have a Tank!

I popped out to PetSmart last night to pick up a few supplies for the fish tank. I got CB to agree that it was a good idea that Santa bring the fishtank EARLY rather than Christmas morning. This way we have time to get the tank set up and the water cycled a bit before we add fish. When I mentioned the size of the tank (10-gallon) he protested. “No! I want a SMALL tank!” But I showed him about the size of the tank Santa was bringing and that it meant he could have 5-6 fish, and he was content with that.

So last night after he went to bed I cleaned out the actual tank itself, as well as the rocks, which were the last pieces of the puzzle. This morning Denis took the kids to school and I immediately got to work setting up the tank. I’m sure I’m going to inadvertantly kill some fish along the way, but for now it looks decent and the water tested okay. I didn’t do the ammonia test yet – I’ll wait and do that tonight. I put some ammonia reducer in the water and hopefully by tonight I’ll get a reading that lets me know how much longer I’ll have to wait before we can put fish in the tank (read: hopefully by Friday or Saturday).


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