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Ten Years Ago: I had just met Denis online at MrShowbiz.com, a now-defunct entertainment website dedicated to music, movies and tv. I met him the very first day I ever entered an online chatroom.

Five Years Ago: We lived in Kew Gardens in Queens, NY. We were in the process of househunting throughout Queens and Westchester County. NJ hadn’t even entered our thought process at that point since Denis said, “I never want to say ‘I’m from Jersey’.”

One Year Ago: I had a young toddler daughter and a one month old son. I was on a short-lived maternity leave and didn’t want to go back to work. I was also really into the soap opera “Passions.

Yesterday: doing the same thing I’m doing now. Working on filing, ripping music to my computer and waiting for the magical hour that says, “time to go home!”

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  1. My husband is addicted to that soap! It is so cheesy! I swear the story lines haven’t changed! :lh: Thanks for stopping by my site! I used to come to yours all the time but lost your url thingie!

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