Wasabi Peanuts

So Denis bought a container of these Wasabi Peanuts a while back and ended up hating them. So I brought them into my office for those wishing for a snack. At first no one wanted to try them, but eventually people would pop open the can and grab a peanut and throw it in their mouth.

I have always been amused by the expressions on their faces as the wasabi punch kicks in as they bite into the peanut. Apparently it’s very strong – enough to clear your sinuses (which is the main reason people around here have been eating them (after all, it’s still allergy season)).

I started with a full can and slowly the can is being emptied – I’d say by the end of the week they will all be gone. ’tis a pity – the reactions of the unsuspecting have been fun.

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  1. I will go on record to say they are the nasties things I have ever eaten in my entire life!


  2. I have to second Ace on this…I once dug into wasabi peanuts thinking they were going to taste like cocoa powdered truffles (one should always beware green cocoa powder). Positively the nastiest things EVER! :puke:

  3. Gail, those brownies were disgusting. :wide-eyed: I took one bite and promptly threw them down the drain. :crazy: I’ll stick with CootieBoy Hines from now on.

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