Was It Really That Bad?

Okay, here’s my first decent post of the Blogathon – my post a minute ago reminded me of this.

So since I only have a radio and tape deck in my new car I’m lacking for music. Oh sure, Jack FM rocks but sometimes I just need something different.

That’s where my old tape collection comes in. The last cassette tape I bought was in 1991 when I bought my CD player just after college. But what’s great about my collection is the plethora of homemade tapes from the early 1980s. Those are killers. Literally. You would die if you heard them.

Such a tape was listened to just last night on my commute home.

Let me preface this a bit. When my sister and I were in junior high we lived in California. We had the good fortune of having a great music minister who didn’t mind having a bunch of teen girls be his best talent. He formed an ensemble of 6-8 of us and took us on the road for a church tour.

Our “show” was a mix of two different musicals which came out in 1981. One way Tom (the musical director) had us learn the music was to have us listen to the songs over and over again. We’d each get a copy of the songs in cassette tape and would listen to it during the week and then get together during the week for a rehearsal in which he’d hammer our specific singing parts into our brains.

I have two cassette tapes from that time. The cassette featuring the music we had to learn, and yet another tape of AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE. The one I listened to last night was only the music to learn, but I know the performance one is in the same box where I found this tape.

What’s funny about the tape is that at some point the musical songs were done and the rest of the original tape was music my mom taped off a Christian radio station in Washington. Talk about CHEESY CHEESY CHRISTIAN MUSIC.

Trust me, if I could play it for you, I would. But it’s on cassette. I’d have to set up a cassette player to burn onto my computer as an MP3, which I know can be done since we got an adapter for that purpose last year, but I don’t know if I have the energy to do it. Maybe after the kids go to bed tonight I’ll try and do it.

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