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Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I’ve seen many frugal/personal finance people blogging about the above program. And it wasn’t until someone posted that Revolution Money Exchange is basically PayPal without those pesky fees they make you pay for transactions that I realized I wanted to sign up! Had I known just what it was, I would have signed up sooner!

The RME is currently running a program where if you sign up by May 18, 2008 they will automatically put $25 in your account to get you started. FREE MONEY, people. After a quick search around the web, I don’t see anyone saying negative things about RME, so I am recommending it to anybody who uses PayPal and resents having to PayPal a portion of their hard earned money.

Click the button above or click this link to sign up and earn a quick $25. It takes two minutes (or less, depending on how fast you type) to start an account.

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  1. I’ve done some checking, and it’s clear that there’s never a free lunch. Pull up their privacy policy and put it side by side with Paypal’s, and you’ll see why they’re going to do this “free.” They’ll be getting their compensation from selling your name.

  2. Cathi – yes, I did see that part of their policy. However, they do allow you to opt out of that as well, which I plan on doing. MOST of the things people sign up for involved third-party marketing nowadays. It’s why you can order from 1 catalog and suddenly get 12 catalogs a couple weeks later. But if you take the time to opt out, it lessens the junk. Denis recently took the time to opt out of ALL of the catalogs we used to get thanks to my original account with Chadwick’s. We’ve cut out 90% of the catalogs we receive by doing that. I’m sure opting out at RME will accomplish the same thing regarding financial marketing they may send my way.

  3. LOL on Chadwicks–they are the WORST! Yeah, I’m aware of third-party marketing since our business depends on a lot of rented and shared lists, etc. Paypal, however, has earned my trust over the past decade and I’m willing to pay for that trust, so I’ll be sticking with them until I see a better track record somewhere else and a reason to leave Paypal. Comes from being old I guess 🙂

  4. Yes, and no. I now know which catalogs you don’t want since I unsubscribed from them. So I throw them out before you get home now. We are still receiving them, but I’m hoping that will all stop soon.

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