Wanna Home Makeover?

A few weeks ago I was talking about how I would LOVE to have a modest home makeover – our house is fabulous, but there are things I’d change – new kitchen flooring and countertops, new carpeting, adding a full bathroom to the bedroom over the garage. If we were to do that – wow, I’d never move. *lol*

So the chance to win a $20,000 home makeover is right up my alley. TriScents is sponsoring it, and Tanya Memme (the host of “Sell This House”) is the one helping with the makeover. People who enter the contest only need to submit a two minute video explaining why they need the makeover – the website has four entries on there to see the kind of thing they are looking for. Also, you are required to do a 250 word essay (no more than 250 words). That SOUNDS like a lot, but when you consider the fact that this post is just over 250 words, you can see that it’s not THAT bad. I don’t know if they will even consider my bid for the chance to win, but if you see official rules maybe it’s something you guys would consider entering.

And speaking as the Coupon Queen now, they also have a coupon for the Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit to sample the product. So if you are interested, feel free to enter to win!

If you entered the contest, what kind of things would you tell them you need done?

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