Walking Is Good For the Soul

Today I took CootieGirl for a walk around the neighborhood. When we first left the house we came upon three of the rabbititos in our neighbor’s front lawn. they are skinnier and slightly smaller than most of the rabbits we get around here, which is why I think they are the rabbititos. They are nearly full-size now!

After our presence scared them off, CootieGirl and I walked past the elementary school that’s close to our house and walked down to the street that’s just off the golf course in our neighborhood. Why is the landscaping so much nicer over there? Is it a rule that if you live by the golf course that you have to have the prettiest, greenest, most manicured lawns and gardens? I admit it inspired me to get into my own garden and clean things up – mine is so unkempt. Granted, mine is in the backyard where no one can see it, but still…

I had CootieGirl in my Baby Bjorn which kept her close to my chest while she looked out at the world. She managed to stay awake for the first 20 minutes and then konked out for the last 10 minute leg. She’s now in the swing listening to the “Soundscapes” channel on our satellite dish and napping a bit longer.

This weekend we’re hoping to finally join the YMCA so that I can get out there and begin exercising. Then when it’s raining I can take CootieGirl and walk their indoor track. And then I can dump CootieGirl into their on-site child care and do the rest of my workouts. Goal: to lose 15 pounds in the six weeks before going back to work. I plan on creating a weight loss blog to keep myself accountable. I had created a basic page but think an organized blog would be much better.

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