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So there is this REALLY cool walking program that I wanted to tell you about. Bumble Bee Foods is donating $0.15/mile for every mile logged at a website called BeeWell Miles. They are raising up to $200,000 to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength which is an organization that provides emotional support to those who suffer from cancer.

The promotion is running from April 1 – October 31, 2009. I thought I’d post about it in case there are runners out there who want to log in their daily runs and help add to the coffers – they are donating money for up to 1,000,000 miles.

I joined the website yesterday (I was only able to log 1/2 a mile once I signed on but look forward to input my totals each day). It’s great incentive to put the pedometer back on and become more active. In fact, the weather is beautiful today and so despite it being a “do nothing” day I think we’ll be going out for a walk in a bit (maybe I’ll even take a picture and upload it afterwards). The BeeWell website is great because it not only calculates your miles for charity, but you can enter your daily food intake to calculate your calories, then see how your activity and nutrition offset each other. Not only that, but apparently the Bumble Bee cans of tuna are doing a contest in which you could win prizes!

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  1. I haven’t heard of this Beewell Miles. Sounds interesting enough.
    I used to walk about 10 miles per day in 2-3 segments but I went back to work , got lazy and fat. now I sit in front of this computer all day every day and then some.

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