So today I signed us up for Vonage. Within the next 20 days we’ll be paying $15 a month for 500 minutes local and long distance combined. Just a bit cheaper than the $40-50 we pay each month. And we get more with Vonage – call waiting, call forwarding, call transfers, voice mail, free caller id – those of you with Vonage know all about it.

You run your phone through your computer on broadband instead of using a regular phone line. Because of this you can actually check your messages ONLINE, which is so cool since on our current voicemail machine I can only listen to a message once when I dial-in – we don’t know the code to make it replay.

We had two referrals for Vonage from friends of ours, but I opted to sign up for DVRs4Free.com, another website where you get stuff for free based on referrals. This one is for a free Tivo. I already got Ace to sign up for Columbia House through the system, so I have one referral and four to go and voila – another Tivo is mine!

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  1. We just ordered Vonage, too. Should save us about $40 a month. Thing is, I got the router in the mail a week ago, and have been far too intimidated to even attempt setting it up. you’ll have to tell us how you like it.

  2. Marmie, if it were true that you should only place credit card orders from a land line, the Internet would be out of business tomorrow. Also, when you give your credit card number to someone over the phone, there’s no telling where it goes from there. I’m not overly worried about Internet shopping. Is this why your tea shop doesn’t take orders over the Web yet? *lol* Now you’re sounding like MY mom. *lol* My mom was suspicious about me meeting a woman over the Net. Turns out we got married and have been in love ever since. You “old timers.” *lol*

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