Vomit Stories Are Funny

Last night Denis left the house to go to the grocery store, and I was left with the animals. About 30 seconds after Denis’ departure, I heard one of the cats gagging under the dining room table. I went into the kitchen to grab a paper towel to clean it up, but when I came out, Cooper had scooped up everything that Freddie threw up and gobbled it down (gross, I know, but just wait). I picked up the few remaining bits in the paper towel and went into the kitchen and threw it away. Just as the lid on the garbage can came down I heard more gagging coming from the living room. I ran into the room and witness Cooper throwing up the largest pile of vomit I had ever seen come from someone other than human. It was cat food, dog food and grass he had eaten in the backyard. It was DISGUSTING. Cat puke is relatively okay because there’s not a lot of it, and it’s usually dry (in my experience). Dog vomit – not such much. I went back into the kitchen and grab a whole heapin’ handful of paper towels and came out to clean it up. I bend over to pick it up and voila – the scent hits my nose and suddenly I’m gagging. Luckily, mine were just dry heaves since I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but YOWSA, I was worried. I quickly stopped taking in air and picked up Cooper’s present and rushed into the kitchen to throw it away. I gagged another few times in the kitchen while I tried to calm myself down. And I was cursing Denis for not staying just 60 seconds more before leaving for the store so that I wouldn’t have to clean up all that stuff.

So, how’s YOUR stomach feeling now? *grin*

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  1. Too funny! I was envisioning a little puke-fest (a la the movie Stand by Me) between you and your little menagerie.

    Luckily I hadn’t eaten and after this story I doubt I will for at least another few hours 😉

  2. Hilarious! I always gag when I have to pick up Annie-puke.

    Congrats on not actually throwing up…quite an accomplishement considering your preggers.

  3. omg, i just laughed so hard.. that’s such an unfortunate incident. one time, i was sleeping in on a saturday morning, and my mother left the dog in my room, door shut. it’s close to noon, and dogs been in my room for hours.. and suddenly this horrible stench invades my nostrils.. the dog got sick! except.. totally from the other end. it took all afternoon to clean it up out the carpet, and get rid of the stink. didnt get to go back to bed. ;[

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