Volunteering Begins Tonight!

Tonight I finally get to start my hospital volunteer work! I’m so
excited! I met with the coordinator yesterday and got my badge and
uniform. Tonight after work I’ll clock out, get into the uniform
(which is really just a red shirt with hospital logo and the word
“volunteer” stitched on it) and head on over to the floor of the
hospital where I’ll be volunteering.

I’ll mostly spend time tonight with the nursing staff going through my
orientation to the floor. Fortunately, I’m familiar with a bit of the
floor information already since I work with this floor during my
normal day-to-day work activities, so orientation won’t be that bad.
And then who knows what I’ll do? It could be anything – it depends on
the needs when I’m there. They’ve said that I could do anything from
organizing the storage closet to playing Wii with one of the patients.
I could spent my time putting postage on a mailing or cuddling a baby
who can’t fall asleep. It all depends on what’s going on when I get

In other news, I’m due to go to the store for another food bank buy.
I haven’t collected much change in my jar here at work, but that’s
okay – I don’t need to have change in order to buy groceries for the
food bank. This week is super doubles at Harris Teeter so I may be
able to not only stock up my own pantry, but help out theirs as well.

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  1. Turns out it got cancelled. There is a HUGE project going on in that department (the one I’ve been working on since last spring) that was finishing up and the whole staff was stressed. So the volunteer coordinator asked if I’d start NEXT week instead. So I’ll report back next week!

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