I haven’t taken vitamins in years. I suppose I should on this new diet. It can only help, right? Do they make fruit-flavored adult vitamins? The kids take vitamins only occasionally – when we (or they) think about it, really. That’s bad, right? They should have them every day – I know. I KNOW! (I can hear my mother’s feverish email typing right now). I think the last time I took vitamins was during my pregnancy with CootieGirl. See – that’s awful. I refused to take them during my CootieBoy pregnancy because I knew how awful they were. And they really ARE awful.

Denis is pretty faithful about taking vitamins. He keeps them in our bathroom medicine cabinet and diligently pops his pill every morning as he gets ready for work. That’s admirable. I could never do that. It’s hard enough right now for me to remember to take my medical study medication much less take a vitamin on top of that.

Did you know they have organic multivitamins now? Organic. Aren’t all vitamins organic? I thought they were. I mean sure, they have artificial flavors and such put in them, but does that make them less ORGANIC? And how nasty must organic vitamins be if they don’t have artificial flavoring? I’m envisioning a huge mud green pill that tastes like seaweed with the dirt still on it. That’s bad. I shouldn’t say that. Theoretically you don’t CHEW vitamins, so taste shouldn’t be a consideration. But with me – it kinda is. I like chewables. Chewables are good. Do organic vitamins come as chewables? If they do, I’ll take those, please.

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