Visiting Folks & Michael Vartan

Yesterday after Gladys and I went to lunch and a movie, we strapped the kids into the soccer mom van and headed over to her parents’ house for a visit. The last time they saw CootieGirl was about a year ago, so they were looking forward to seeing the toddler daughter and infant son.

CootieGirl was in major performance mode and had a blast playing with Gladys’ mom and dad – their main floor is perfect for running laps between the kitchen, dining room and living room and I think CootieGirl spent most of her time doing just that. Oh no, wait, she actually spent most of her time begging for food. You’d think we never fed her the way she was going on and on about wanting food. She ended up having her milk, a banana, a cookie and some apple juice and that actually wasn’t enough. Her demands eventually forced us to leave if only so we didn’t eat them out of house and home!

I also got to see my friend Mirko for a few minutes, which was great. He drove over from his place and promised to come to NJ for a visit in December. He just finished computer school and was telling us about his cool new job – I forget the company he got a job with, but they have a “clean room” which he’ll be working extensively in. It requires him to wear a special dust-free suit over his clothes, a hairnet, gloves, and he has to be as dust-free as possible before he can enter the room, which he said is straight out of the future – “no” floor (it’s see-through) and very crisp and sparse and modern. Sounds like he’s going to have a blast with his new career and I’m really excited for him.

We came home from the visit and CootieGirl passed right out. I made some bottles for CootieBoy (who screamed the whole way from from Gladys’ place) and settled in to watch the opening episode of the new season of “Celebrity Poker Showdown”. My Main Man Michael Vartan (from “Alias”) was playing and I was rooting for him to win so I could see him play in the finals. Alas, Matthew (“Friends”) Perry took charge (he’s obviously learned how to play poker since his last appearance) and easily beat MMMMV in the final heads up competition.

I gave CootieBoy a 7 fl oz bottle at 10 p.m. hoping it would keep him asleep for the night (since the night before he had slept 6 hours on 6 fl oz), but he woke up at 3:45 a.m. demanding more food. Which woke up CootieGirl who began fussing because of no pacifier. Two crying babies at 3:45 a.m. isn’t so much fun. I hunted down CootieGirl’s paci and gave it to her, and she fell back asleep. I brought CootieBoy into the main room in the basement, changed his diaper, strapped him into the bouncey seat and quickly fed him four burp-free ounces of formula and then went back to bed.

CootieGirl woke up around 7:30 a.m. demanding milk, and while I was changing her diaper it woke up CootieBoy, so the three of us headed upstairs for milk and formula. Fortunately, my mom came down in the middle of it all and took over so I could go back to bed and catch up on SOME of my sleep that I’ve lost this weekend. I got a solid 2 1/2 hours in there, which feels awesome. CootieGirl is now down for a morning nap and I’m about to go upstairs and grab some breakkies.

I believe the only plans we have today are to go over to my Uncle Bill’s re-done condo. He had a condo fire almost a year ago and moved back in last week after they reconstructed the place. It’s all shiny and new, so we thought we’d take a drive over there and check it out while also giving him an opportunity to see the kids without having to schlep over to my parents’ house.

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