Visions of Kitchen Sinks Dancing In My Head

You know that commercial where the couple walks through an ultra-modern company, seeing all their innovation, and then sits down opposite a designer, pulls a faucet out of her purse, and says, “Design a house around this.”

Well, imagine me saying almost the same thing, except replace “house” with “kitchen” and replace “this” with this:

Isn’t she gorgeous? It’s a Silgranit sink made by Blanco. I first heard about Silgranit sinks a few years ago when Denis and I began the initial planning stages of getting ready to build a new house. I’ve been on a homebuilding forum online for years, and had forever been reading about how fabulous Silgranit sinks were.

Then about a year ago I actually followed the links in my homebuilding forum and sure enough – the sinks are awesome. And the reviews from the homebuilders were nothing short of stupendous. Not a single complaint over the years from those that owned a Silgranit sink.

Then I saw this particular sink, the Precis, with the built-in drainer, and I knew I was sold. When we looked at the model home we planned on building, I envisioned this sink in that house. When we took the new home build off the table and replaced it with an addition and full kitchen remodel, I immediately began price checking to find the best deal I could find on this very pricey sink.

I checked Upromise, I checked Ebates, I checked Craigslist, I checked eBay – all with the hope of finding someone, somewhere, offering this sink for a reasonable price.

And today I got lucky. I found a small company in New Jersey offering it for the cheapest price I had been able to find during all my searches. A quick search for reviews of the company found they have an excellent reputation online not only for their products but their customer service.

I made a quick call to Denis, who told me to go for it since it was unlikely we’d find a better price anywhere, and I took the plunge. Today I ordered this sink. And so when the architect comes tomorrow morning with his drafts, I’ll be able to tell him that my recommendation to include a 48″ wide sink into his plan is now a requirement, since a sink that very width is currently on it’s way to our home.

I’m also envisioning the new kitchen to look something like this:

That kitchen (found on uses the same counters we already have in our kitchen, but with cream cabinets. I think it would look good with our black appliances and black sink as well, since the granite countertops have black and cream…

Have I mentioned that I’m very excited about this development?

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