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I don’t talk about religion much on this website, but for some reason this quote really bothered me in an article about Pres. Chirac banning religious symbols such as Islamic scarfs, jewish yarmulkes and large crucifixes in schools and businesses:

“Secularism is one of the great successes of the Republic,” Chirac said in an address to the nation. “It is a crucial element of social peace and national cohesion. We cannot let it weaken.”

Am I the only one completely scared by this comment and what it means for the global future in relation to eschatology? Bear in mind, folks, I just finished reading The Christ Clone Trilogy, which scared the crap out of me well.

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  1. I totally agree. Many nations in Europe are predominately secular and afraid of religion of any kind, in fact, they are attempting to eliminate any reference to God in their new Euro Constitution.

  2. My personal veiw on religion at this point in time is strictly unknown. Although I am associated with many people who beleive in Christianity, I don’t for many reasons, one of them being that it is sexist and demeaning, saying that women can’t be priests. And other reasons. But my main reason right now to not follow any certain religion is that im a realist. There is literally no proof that any of these religions or practices have any truth or meaning. I don’t want to listen to anyone telling what to do or beleive in- especially if there is no reason. I also just don’t beleive- I mean sure, like everyone i WANT beleifs. I want things to live for and to know what happens after death. But maybe nothing happens at all- maybe it’s just solitary and black and over with this finity that nothing will ever be the same again. Maybe there really is no meaning to like- that we just get born, reproduce, and then die. It’s a vicious cycle- but I want to believe it if it’s the truth.

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