Vibrant Red

So I was supposed to go white blonde this week – I was going to have my hair colored a nice white Marilyn Monroe blonde. But the girl who was going to do it for me ended up not having the time until next week, so I opted to take matters into my own hands. But instead of going blonde, I went vibrant red. It’s very similar to a red I had done last year. To celebrate (and to practice before going back to work next week) I went ahead and styled it and put on full makeup. It feels weird to be all gussied up!

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  1. Oh my… you do go back to work next week! I totally didn’t realize that your time off was coming to and end. Where oh where did September go?

    Goodness that means this is the week you travel to VA. Guess I wont be seeing you this weekend. Have a great time in Virginia. Looking forward to seeing the new Hair Color when you return.

  2. Ash: It’s just hair… if you change it and don’t like the color, you can always re-color it.

    Not to mention, you natural hair color will always come back after a few months.

    I say do it! *grin*

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