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Here’s something funny. A friend and co-worker just told me that his reference log was getting filled up with strange hits. Turns out someone from “Whitepost Consulting Group“ (A Computer Consulting Co.) stole his code, changed the graphics and is passing it off as their own to the County of Stafford, VA, whom they are designing a web site for. They neglected to change much of the code so people who search a database for Deeds and Land Records, Financing Statements, General Miscellaneous, Judgments, Marriage Licenses, Wills and Fiduciaries are actually writing the information to my friends database.

They even include this comment tag in their code:
“saved from url=(0043)”

My friend wrote the folks at Stafford about the crime, but they haven’t responded yet. Not sure how long the VA site will be online, but take a peek at the two sites here:

Original Site

Stolen Site

Notice any similarities? *lol*

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  1. well it must have worked when he brought it to their attention because the stolen page wont work any more. i tried to look at it about 10 times and still no good

  2. Interesting. My webadmin found Cootiehog from OUR referer log.

    About Rik’s site: We fired the contractor that “created” the templates for our demo. He should have used a free template in Dreamweaver or CREATED one. The contractor was unwise in his actions and caused us a lot of grief from our client; Stafford County.

    We’re sorry Rik! Thanks for handling it with us in a very civil matter, considering the circumstances.


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