VBS Bound

Last summer when I was unemployed I was able to sign up the kids for tons of VBS programs throughout the three months they had no school. Mornings, afternoons, evenings – you name it, if I could get them registered, they went to VBS.

This summer since I’m working full-time again (hooray!) I will only be able to send them to VBS programs that are at night. Fortunately, I’ve found quite a few. Unfortunately, a lot of them run in the same weeks. Even more unfortunately, several of them are conducting the SAME THEMED PROGRAM. Blerg.

Despite this, I’ve managed to sign them up for three VBS programs this summer, and have a call in to a fourth to make sure their program is at night (their website shows the dates, but not the times). With any luck they’ll have two consecutive weeks of VBS in June, and two consecutive weeks in July. There were none in our area for August, but that’s okay, since school starts up August 18.

Love it. Busy kids = not-bored kids = happy kids.

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